CoolGUIDE™: Surgical Guides with internal irrigation

Order your first surgical guide for free!   CoolGUIDE™ comes with free drills and irrigation pipe!

How to order?

1. Open

2. Click the "Order Form" button

3. Sign in to your Google Account to access the "Order form"

4. Fill out the "Order form" and Submit

About order issues please text: +1(512)886-0011  or e-mail: 

What happens after submitting the "Order Form"?

Upon submission of the "Order Form," you can expect to receive the "Implant Plan" via email within 1-3 days for your review and confirmation. Once confirmed, the Surgical Guide will be shipped within 1-4 days. 

Be confident in the accuracy of our guides! Each printed guide undergoes thorough accuracy checking before shipping. For checking, we employ the digital algorithm developed by us. 

What does the "Implant Plan" look like when we send it for your confirmation? 

We provide the "Implant Plan" in JPEG format, allowing doctors to swiftly review the plan on any device, including smartphones, without the need for specialized software. The comprehensive "Implant Plan" comprises two essential views: 1) panoramic and 2) buccolingual view for each implant. 

                                          Implant plan

What do the Surgical Guides we send look like?                                 

Upon your request, we provide two modifications of surgical guides:                                              

All guides come with free drills!

What is CoolGUIDE™ ?

CoolGUIDE™ is an innovative Surgical Guide designed to reduce bone heat during surgery.

Watch the video to learn how CoolGUIDE™ works:

Streamlined Surgical Kit

We design all the guides for the same surgical kit. This kit comprises six guided conical drills: L9/ Ø2.0-2.4,  L17/Ø2.0-2.4,  L17/Ø2.4-2.8,  L17/Ø2.8-3.2,  L17/Ø3.2-Ø3.8, L17/Ø3.8-Ø4.2. The guided drills eliminate the use of multiple drills and drill guides, introducing a technical simplicity that enhances the efficiency of surgical procedures. 

Faster surgical protocol                            

Our surgical guides operate on the “half-guided” surgery protocol. This approach allows for cutting bone holes with diameters of Ø2, Ø2.4, Ø2.8, Ø3.2, Ø3.8, and Ø4.2 through the surgical guide. The "half-guided" protocol offers faster surgery than "pilot-guided" and "full-guided" protocols,  bringing satisfaction to practitioners. 

Additional Guides We Offer:

Ø  Guides for pterygoid implantation

Ø  Guides for apicoectomy

Ø  Cutting guides for orthognathic surgery

Ø  Guides for mandibular injection

Ø  Guides for orthodontic implants

Ø  Guides for crestal sinus lifting

For inquiries about the mentioned guides, please feel free to reach out via text at (512-886-0011) or through email at

No Optic or CT Scanner? No Problem!

 When creating Surgical Guides, providing us with Optic and CT scans of the jaws is crucial. If you don't have access to an Optic or CT scanner and your practice is near San Antonio (TX), consider directing your patients to the San Antonio Dental Center for scanning services. Visit their website at for more information.